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Nyayukin on YouTube ♡

Hello everyone
And welcome back to my blog 🌸

I had fun with an app to create this logo, I find it really nice and I would like to use it with personal logo, but maybe I will make some changes, so I will resist the temptation to publish it anywhere ! πŸ˜‚
Let's move on to the topic of this new post, Nyayukin on YouTube ! πŸ’–
Starting from the beginning, I've always wanted to open a YouTube channel, it's been many years since it started to shake this idea for my head, but my (too) shyness always blocked me to making videos, and actually showing me for what I'm ! I think each of us finds his pose or his best expression to be able to shoot and post a picture, but when it comes to a video it's all different !
But something made me think of wanting to make videos at all costs, Japan ! Yes, soon I will leave for a short holiday in Tokyo. Since I'm passionate about this 'world' I have always seen many videos of Japan Vlog, and I really liked seeing them, it made me feel good. So at this point I got stronger and I activated an old channel that I had created, I updated it all over and a few days ago I also added my first video ! ✨
No, if you are thinking of it, I have't overcome my shyness all of a sudden. In fact, my first video was a Makeup Tutorial and I showed no more than my eye πŸ˜‚
But I think it's normal, I don't think I'm the only one to take it this way, however I'm sure that one step at a time I will always be more courageous and I will be able to make videos without being ashamed πŸ’“
Also I have to practice and learn how to edit my videos better, I've never done anything like this so I'm a beginner, but nothing is impossible and with a little practice I will improve this too ! Always think positive ✨πŸ’•✨

Now that I have briefly explained my story (?) Let's talk about the topics my channel will talk about ! 🌸

This is the cover of my channel, I designed it and I did it very quickly, but I'm satisfied with the result for the moment, maybe one day I could think of making a new one ✨

What will my channel talk about ?

♡ Makeup ♡
One of my greatest passions since I was practically a child is that of makeup, I don't think I'm very good, but I can safely say I get by and I don't miss the imagination ! Over the years, I have had many requests from the people who follow me on my various social networks to do tutorials or often many contact me for advice, which I am always happy to give. A few years ago I started making small photo tutorials, but clearly a video is different ✨
You will find cosplay makeup tutorials, generic and specific characters, Japanese fashions, easy and fast makeup for every day, fantasy makeup and many more.

♡ Skin Care ♡
I will show you my skin care routine, tips for treating acne, for oily / dry skin, DIY masks and ointments, and much more to always have perfect skin 🌷

♡ Cosplay ♡
As I said before I will show you some makeup tutorials for various cosplay, DIY weapons and accessories, cosplay events in which I participate for fun or work, tips and tricks to be used for male and female cosplay, funny videos and much more πŸ’“

♡ Fashion ♡
I will do reviews and show you the products purchased online and those sent by the sponsors, my outfits, the Japanese fashions that I prefer or follow, I'll talk you of new Japanese fashions, of the people who inspire my fashion, curiosities, etc. πŸŽ€

♡ Everyday ♡
I will show you my daily life, my free days spent alone or in company, my art, good coocking, my pets, Q&A, curiosity about me, and really much more ! It would be impossible and unpredictable to list everything, so there will be many things to discover ! πŸ’–

♡ Japan ♡
I state that what I will do in August will be my first trip to Japan, but I already intend to do many more in the coming years πŸ˜‚  I'll make you some spoilers: it's a trip of pure fun and tourism, it will last for 14 days (including round trip) fucking little, but for this time being the first we are satisfied, we will be me and my wonderful boyfriend Andrea πŸ’˜ I will shoot videos all day and show you everything we will do, eat, etc. a Japan Vlog in short ✨ 
But not only ! I will make small "special" about the curiosity about this fantastic land, the snacks of the Combini, the haul of my purchases, divided into clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. 

♡ Couple Video ♡
You will also find several videos in the company of my love, such as "My boyfriend does my makeup / clothes" or "My boyfriend makes my voicecover", Q&A, streaming of games and much more, it will be fun ! πŸ’•πŸ’•

So, even if I didn't write everything, I wrote too much, I hope not to get bored, and I hope you are happy to support me and follow me on YouTube πŸ’•

I leave you the links here : 
YouTube First Video:


Thank you πŸ’•
Bye bye

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